One part of our offer are small Shopify tasks that last up to 1 hour, including communication and preparation for making the changes.

A small task covers 4+1 stages of work:

  1. Evaluation (logging into the store, assessing theme files and requested changes)

  2. Store preparation (duplicating and renaming the theme)

  3. Development

  4. Communication (writing replies)

  5. Revisions (if any).

With the endless diversity of quick Shopify fixes, it is impossible to exhaustively itemize here, however below we detail some of the most common types of tasks that are included and not included.

In line with our goal of delivering a super streamlined service, our team decides what is small and what is not. We approve or reject tasks based on our best time estimation of the job. However, there are guidelines that can help you decide if we're a fit. We understand that the range of small may not work for everyone, which is why we also offer custom quotes.

Here are real examples of small tasks we can help you with:

  • Small design, style, and CSS changes

  • Small graphics design request. Click here for a better understanding of what we offer for design tasks.

  • Quick Shopify app configurations

  • Small Theme layout fixes, tweaks, and configurations

  • Small HTML and JavaScript changes

  • Forms fixes and modifications

  • Social media images

  • Troubleshooting questions

  • Shopify app recommendations

  • Billing, payout and payment gateway questions

  • Shopify best practice questions.

You can check some small task ideas and examples on our Small Task Catalog here. Please note that tasks from our Small Task Catalog can't be combined with any additional tweaks in one task. Within one small task, we can cover one template, page, or section, in order to stay within our scope of service.

What is not included:

  • Advanced SEO or Analytics set-up

  • Shopify Theme Installation/Setup. Please check an article about this on the link here.

  • Unknown, undetermined or poorly specified fixes

  • Repetitive data entry

  • Full store setup

  • Copywriting

  • Logo, icon or vector image creation

What is not included and can only be considered for custom quotes:

  • Complicated development of new functionality

  • **Full page redesigns, integrations.

** You would need to provide us with your design documents for assessment, as without them, we wouldn't be able to evaluate your request.

Additionally, our team has worked hard to make your small task shopping easier than ever by adding an option to make a purchase directly from the Small Task Catalog. :) Not only that it is quick, but you can also use it to get ideas of possible store improvements.

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