Here are some of the common reasons as to why a task may be taking longer than expected to complete:

1.Essential information was missing from the initial request.

Please try to be as thorough as possible when describing your task and include images or screenshots if that would more clearly demonstrate your vision. Our team assumes that each task submitted includes all the necessary information so that we can start the job right away without needing to inquire further

2. There are many e-mail replies instead of a single response with all the revisions required to finalize a task.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays, please try to be as clear as possible in your responses if revisions or clarification is needed. Each revision requests/e-mail responses causes a delay in the delivery time of your task and therefore we strongly recommend that you include a list of all possible revisions in a single response.
Please note, depending on the size or scope, some revisions are subject to full turnaround times. This is within reason and at the sole discretion of the Carson developer. For these reasons, a revision delay can be anywhere from 4 to 24 hours.

3. It is the weekend or a holiday.

These time-frames do not fall within our operating business hours. If a request was received late on a Friday (EST), or during a weekend or a holiday, the turnaround time for your task will be extended to the start of the following weekday or at the end of the holiday.

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