Per store, we are only able to evaluate and work on a single task at a time.

If the tasks are small and they can all be completed within an hour, we may be able to do them simultaneously. However, if we evaluate that the tasks together risk surpassing the scope of our 1 hour service, we will let you know what can be compounded and what should be separated and later submitted as its own separate ticket.

If you have an active task in the queue for a store and already have another task in mind, you can prepare a draft task, which you can submit once the active task is closed. You can easily draft a task by clicking the "Create a task" button in the upper right-hand corner on your account.

Once your active task is completed, you can submit your drafted task by clicking on the "Submit" button next to the task. You can find your drafted task in the "Queued" section under "My Tasks".

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