As there is different situations when it comes to providing us with store access, please find below how to solve each issue:

  1. If you have not received our email, to accept our request, please, follow next steps: Log into the backend of your website, than go to Settings > Accounts (Plan and Permissions) > find Carson eCommerce and approve the access.

  2.  If you have previously declined store access from Carson, in order for us to be able to send you collaboration request once again, follow the steps from point 1 and remove Carson eCommerce. Once that is completed, advise us to resend you the request.

  3. If have previously declined store access from Carson, however, you can not find Carson eCommerce in order to remove it from your store, please advise us, as this needs to be addressed with Shopify directly.

  4.  If none of the above works for you, alternatively you can set us up with a staff account, using our email [email protected]

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