Yes, we can!

Please send us an email with your request at [email protected] or reach us at live chat where our customer success team will be glad to assist you! Please include:

  1. A link to your website - if your store is password protected, please include a password as well.

  2. What is the page you'd like to modify?

  3. Would there be any functionalities? If yes, what they are and how would they work?

  4. A mockup of your page design.

Depending on the complexity of your request and the design you would need, we would be able to offer you a custom price and turnaround time in which your request could be completed.

Our standard hourly rates are:

  • $85/h for 3-4 business days turnaround time

  • $125/h for 1-2 business days turnaround time

We would appreciate it if you could share as many details as possible so we can provide you with the most accurate assessment.

A full-page redesign is not possible on any other plan at the moment!

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