We offer Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual, and Annual Elite subscription plans:

  1. Monthly Elite Plan purchase is $299 USD and it is billed once every month.
  2. Quarterly Elite Plan purchase is $807 USD and it is billed once every 3 months.
  3. Bi-Annual Elite Plan purchase is $1434 USD  and it is billed once every 6 months.
  4. Annual Elite Plan purchase is $2388 USD, and it is billed once a year.

You can purchase the plan on our Pricing Page here, and click on the arrow shown on the photo below to change from Monthly to one of the other plans that you'd like. By clicking the Try it now button, you will proceed to the Checkout page.

If you already have a CarsonDash account, please check the article here that will show you how to purchase a subscription plan directly from your account. 

Under an Elite subscription plan you can submit unlimited number of tasks as long as you are subscribed to the plan, meaning that there is no limitation on number of tasks that you would be submitting over time if you stay on the plan and continue renewing the subscription.

The approximate number of tasks we'd be able to complete during one month of your subscription is 10-15 having in mind we are closed over the weekend, and that the turnaround time per task is next business day. You would be submitting the tasks one by one, as the system allows having only one active task per store at the time, so one task must be completed before the next one starts. However, you can prepare a task in advance by creating up to 10 drafts and submit them easily when you complete currently active task.

The subscription plans are renewed automatically by the system, however you can cancel at any time before the renewal date, free of charge. You can do it by contacting us and we will schedule the cancellation for your plan.

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