If your task needs to be split, a developer would enable a split task option and it will appear on your end. 

Here is where you can find the Split Task button:

Mobile view:

Click on the three line in the right corner and select Split Task from the menu as shown below. 

Desktop view:

Once the split option is enabled by a developer, you'll see that in the right sidebar on the screen as below: 

After you click on Split Task button, you will be asked to Cancel or confirm the Split option. Before clicking on Split button, you would need to enter some text, or any additional details you would like to add as a task description for the next task:

Please note that the current task will be automatically marked as completed and the next task submitted to the development queue, as a continued task. It would have the link to the previous task, for easier access to details from the original task.

View of the first task automatically marked as completed after splitting it:

The task would be added to your Completed tasks, and you will be able to find the new submitted task in your Active tasks.

Mobile view:

Desktop view:

The continued task would have the same turnaround time as any other task - two business days if you have purchased it as a single task, or next business day if you are on a subscription plan.

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