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Hearing back from the developer after the first message.

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While we offer 12 business hours response time for a revision, we try to serve our clients as soon as possible, however, please note that the time that our developers need to respond to a project highly depends on how busy the development queue is, and it is rarely always the same. 

Our system works in a way that when a developer replies on a project, the next project is automatically assigned to them so that all projects can receive responses as soon as possible. This is why it happens that you don’t receive a reply immediately, as they are working on the next prioritized project.

Below is an example of our developers' responsiveness:

You received a message from a developer at 9 AM where he provided you with the first delivery of the project as in the example below: 

11/26/2019 09:01am  

Hello Carsoneer, thank you for submitting your project.

I've added the Add to Cart button on the collection pages.

The changes were applied to the duplicate theme named "Debut - HC - 26 Nov '19" and you can view it by clicking here.

Please let me know if everything is to your liking and we can move forward publishing this modified theme live.

Best regards.

However, you would like to have a small change (revision) that needs to be tweaked and you reply on this message at 7 PM as shown below: 

11/26/2019 07:10pm

Thank you. Could you please align the add to cart button with the product title. 

Since the message was sent at 7 PM, and our working hours are until 5.30 PM ET, you can expect to receive a revision on the next day, which happened in this example case:

11/27/2019 03:01am 

Hi Carsoneer, thank you for your patience!

Of course. We have now aligned the button as requested. May I please ask you to preview the latest modifications using the following link (click here) and let us know if everything is working well now.

Let me know if you would like me to publish the theme live, otherwise, you can complete this project and submit your next one, and we will be in touch with you after that, to proceed with it.

Thank you.

Have a great day!

We appreciate all the patience, and our customer success team is always ready to assist you, or to receive any feedback you might have. If you have any question or concerns regarding this process, please reach out to us via chat or email us at [email protected], we'd be glad to help! 

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