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How projects get auto completed in the system

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When a developer replies to your project, if you don't reply back within 5 days, we would send a new automatic message as a reminder, in case you have any questions or adjustments for the project so you can reply back to the developer, or to click on "Completed" button in order to mark the project as completed if you have previewed and verified the work.

If we still haven't heard from you a few days after the first follow-up, we would send another automatic message as a reminder and the project will be automatically marked as completed by the system.

However, as we offer one-month guarantee on all completed projects, if you would like to reopen the project to post a question to developers or if you need any adjustments, you can reach out to us on the live chat (in the bottom right corner) or via email [email protected] and we would reopen the project for you, if you contact us within 30 days after the project has been automatically marked as completed.

You can check our one-month guarantee on completed projects in the article on the link below.

If you are satisfied with the changes made on the project, and you would like to publish the duplicated theme our developers have made the changes on, please check the article below for more details on how the theme can be published live on your store.

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