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How to create a project?

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Step 1 - Add a new user test project

To get started with your first project you'd need to log into your account and select from the Projects menu option + Add new as shown below.

Step 2 - Choose the type of feedback

Choose what kind of feedback you're looking to get from the testers.


Testers would spend 5 minutes on your website and tell you what they learn, how they browse, what they see, and what they expect.

Testers complete a series of goals and let you know what, if anything, was difficult. Like an online scavenger hunt (with a conversion outcome).


Testers check out your landing page to make sure it's clear and does what it should do.


Testers give feedback on you and 3 of your closest competitors. See how you stack up, quickly and easily.

Step 3 - Describing the project

Insert your project title and a link to your website - this part is for your reference only, the testers do not see this on their end.

Describe the mindset you'd like the testers to have - here you'd like to put testers in a perspective they'll be checking out the website. You'll write 1-2 sentences that'll help them understand from which point of view they'll be browsing your website. Please keep in mind that the testers are mostly consumers and they should get some guidance in order to help you out the most.

Ask a specific question - if you're looking to get feedback on the design of your website, let the testers know. For instance, a specific question can be "What do you think of the website?"

Step 4 - Targeting: Select filters to reach testers on our panel with your ideal user persona.

Here you'll be able to filter the testers to match your perfect user. You'll be able to filter based on:

  • Gender

  • Region

  • Age

  • Device

As the last step here, you're going to select how many tests you'd like to receive and make a payment for the tests.

Step 5 - Complete the payment

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