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Options we offer for faster turnaround time

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Along with our standard offer which approximately takes 1 business day for each hour of work, we also offer faster turnaround time for urgent projects.

If you have any urgent projects that you would need to complete as soon as possible, we offer:

  • Next business day (at an hourly rate of $150)

  • Same business day (at an hourly rate of $200, if submitted before 12 PM ET)

Please note, turnaround time represents a day when you can expect to hear from a developer, on your project thread of communication, with the first project delivery. If you would need some adjustments, it may extend the project completion. However, please rest assured that all revisions are a priority and get handled within the next 12 business hours.


Sometimes, we won’t be able to get the urgent projects sorted out due to the limitations of the Shopify platform or simply due to the complexity of the issue itself.

If this happens, we can offer a 50% refund in case we are not able to find a solution to your request.

In most cases, complex urgent projects require a developer to abandon their current work and commit the time and effort to work on your request and provide you with an explanation and alternative solutions/suggestions if we can’t fix the issue.

In such cases, contact our Customer Support team to request a refund, and we'll provide you with a 10% coupon code for your next purchase with us.

If you are interested in one of these options for urgent projects, please contact us via live chat or via email at [email protected].

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