If you no longer need an implementation that we coded for you and you'd like to remove it from your store, the first approach would be considering to delete the theme we worked on. To find a theme we worked on, please click on the button below.

However, if you're not feeling comfortable with doing this because of any reason, or there were additional modifications made to that theme you'd like to keep, you can submit a new task and our team will help you complete this for you.

Why do I need to submit a new task?

Returning the theme to its previous state requires time because not all the files have changelog and we need to compare the previous theme with the changed one, remove the code that's added, revert the code that's removed or modified, and test the theme to make sure everything is working properly.

This is one of the reasons why we always create a duplicate of the theme and make changes on it since it may happen that you no longer need required changes and it's easier to give up on theme itself rather than going through the process of removing the code within the existing theme.

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