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How much does a test cost?
How much does a test cost?

You'll find everything you need about the pricing.

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Prices are determined by the number of tests you'd like to conduct. 1 test is $20.

  • If you choose to purchase 1-4, tests are priced $20/test

  • If you opt-out 5-9, tests are priced also at $20/test, however, you'd get a 5% discount.

  • From 10-19 tests, you'd get a 10% discount

  • And purchasing more than 20 tests, you'll get a 15% discount.

It worth mentioning that all of our features are available for any amount of tests you choose to buy. There are no hidden costs, or subscriptions needed to enable additional features.

How to get started?

You sign up, create a project, and choose how many tests you want. That's what you pay for.

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