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What do I need to know before I complete a project?
What do I need to know before I complete a project?

Ensure you've tested everything properly before completing the project.

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Before you complete a project, you should make sure that the work we did for you is done to your liking and correctly.

We always test the solutions we implemented in a project to ensure they work properly. You should always test the solutions we provided to double-check our work and for your own peace of mind. All in-depth tests should be performed by you. If you'd like to include QA testing to the project, please let us know before the start of it and we will provide you with the option to add it.

For any projects done with us, you are the project manager. This means you're in charge of project communication with a developer working on your project, making sure that all information/assets are communicated to a developer as well as checking the completed work.

If you notice any bugs or issues with the solutions we implemented, let the developer know directly in the project thread right away. They will be able to assist you best if you can provide them with detailed information on what is missing or not working immediately.

You can also check with them for any clarification about the work they did. They will let you know exactly what was done and provide you with instructions on how to manage the functionality they implemented further.

Are you done with testing? The next step is marking the project as Completed and publishing the changes live on your store!

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