Custom Quotes (Pay per Project)

You'd like to get a tailored quote specifically for your request. This is the article for you.

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A custom quote (Pay per Project) option is an offer that we can propose to complete a requested work for an exact price and time when it would be handled.

We would appreciate it if you could share as many details and examples as possible so we can provide you with the most accurate assessment for the job.

Our standard hourly rates are:

  • $110/h for the standard turnaround time

  • $125/h for fast turnaround time.

Depending on the number of hours it would take for a request to be completed, the turnaround time gets longer. We would give you the exact details and options before starting the work.

You can check our Custom Quote Refund Policy in the article on the link below.

Please contact us with your detailed request via email [email protected] or via live chat and we will be glad to assist you further!

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