What is QC?

QC (quality control) is a website review process where we'd make sure everything on your website is performing well and working properly in order to avoid any surprises when you launch.

What's included?

We're looking for errors and inconsistencies on your website that may draw your visitors attention from the main goal - completing the payment, or it may distract them in any way. Below are some of the things we'll be checking in more details.

  1. Links

  2. CTA buttons

  3. Navigation (header/footer)

  4. Specific pages review

  5. Functionalities review

  6. Image optimization checkup

  7. Video/Audio checkup

  8. Mobile responsiveness

How much does it cost?

The monthly price for this plan is $250 and you get 8 task credits you can use for QC of your website - as often as twice a week.

How long does it take?

From the moment you submit a task to the queue, you can expect to hear from an expert by the end of the next business day with a completed checklist and areas of improvement if there are any.

Who is it for?

This plan is perfect for the people who are often making changes to their website (by development teams) and don't have time to commit to proper testing.


Interested in the plan?

Please contact us with your specific questions or how to complete the payment at [email protected] or via live chat.

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