Aside from our standard Pricing options for handling simple customizations, we offer a plan with a dedicated developer!


  • Work with a developer of your choice (or we can recommend one from our amazing development team)

  • Keep the conversation in a single thread (task submission)

  • Work on multiple stores and complex implementations

  • Up to 2h per business day

  • Tracking hours sheet

Your developer will get familiar with your store and business and (s)he'll be more efficient while making all the adjustments you need.

You can submit all changes needed at once, or you can use the hours for different requests/stores you might have, at the pace that would best suit you.

How much does it cost?

The minimum amount we offer for this plan is 10 hours, at the rate of $125/h, totaling $1250. You can always purchase more hours when needed.

Interested? Get in touch with us below!

After the purchase, you would be able to submit a task and share the details for the request that you would like to start with, in the task description. All the further work would be done in that same task's thread so you can have everything in one place. We would also provide you with the sheet file where you and the developer can keep track of the hours spent on the changes you will be requesting.

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