Our standard pricing options for small tasks that take up to 1 hour of work to be completed are TWEAK, PRO, and ELITE plans, and FLEX.

If you only have one small task to be completed, you can do so by purchasing the 1 task credit option under the TWEAK plan. Also, if you have more tasks, and you are not pressured by time and you can submit tasks at a slower pace, we recommend one of the TWEAKe credit bundles. You can find more information about this in the article below.

If you have more tasks to be completed with a faster turnaround of the next business day, we recommend the PRO monthly plan, where you would get 5 task credits that you can use within a month, one at a time. Please check more details about it in the article below.

Under the ELITE plan, we offer monthly and yearly subscription plan, which is not credit-based, and you can submit an unlimited number of tasks, one at a time, as long as you are subscribed to the plan. Find more details in the article below.

If you maybe have an urgent small task, we offer faster turnaround rates that you can check on the link below.

If you have a bigger project that would take longer than 1 hour to be completed, we might be able to offer you a custom quote. Check more details about it in the article below about the FLEX option.

Aside from these options, if you have a bigger project and would like to work with a dedicated developer on it, you can find more details about a Dedicated Developer plan below.

In case you would need assistance with quality control and checkups of your website, we offer a quality control plan. Please check what is included in it in the article below.

For any questions please contact us via live chat or via email [email protected].

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