It would fall outside our scope to make exact duplicates of the homepage, however, here are some of the things we can do:

  • Display your Instagram feed - In 1 small task, we can setup an app on your homepage which would display your Instagram feed. You can find out more about this on the link here.

  • Add a slideshow - We can add a slideshow to your homepage to showcase your offer and increase sales. You can purchase this task directly on the link here.

  • Get Testimonial Carousel section - Your potential customers will be swayed to make a purchase easier if they see testimonials from others that were satisfied with purchasing from your store. You can easily make the purchase for this task on the link here.

Collection page

If you wish to add more than 3 filters to your collections page, that falls out of our scope, however, here are examples of what we can do:

  • Show color variants as separate products - If you want to showcase the various colors and designs that your products come in, it's a great idea to get this customization. You can easily purchase it on the link here and the task will be sent to our queue automatically.

  • Add subcategories/subcollections - One of the most popular requests from our customers, adding the subcollection feature for your store will make navigation a lot easier for your customers. Purchase this task on the link here to get subcollections added to your store!

Product page

Creating a subscription section on the product page for your store would fall outside our scope, however, here are some of the things we can do:

  • Select product variants by clicking their images - Make sure your customers can select product variants easily, just by clicking on an image. It will help boost sales and minimize any customer confusion. Purchase this task on the link here to get this customization for your store.

  • Add Dynamic Checkout - A great way to speed up the payment process for the customers and get them straight to the checkout page so they can make the payment. Purchase this task on the link here to get this customization.

Cart page

It would fall outside our scope to add multiple automatic discounts to your cart page, however, we can do the following tasks:

  • Add a Delivery/Date Picker - With this feature, your customers will be able to choose a delivery date for their order directly on the cart page. Purchase this task on the link here and have it added to our queue immediately.

  • Get Customizable Free Shipping Bar - With this task, we can add a shipping bar to your cart page that would show your customers how much they need to purchase in order to get free shipping. You only have to purchase this task on the link here and it will be added automatically to our queue.

Blog page

Regretfully, Shopify doesn't allow comments for blog pages, only for blog post/article pages.

  • Removing the authors name from the blog pages - In case you would like this task to be done on your store, that should be 1 small task for us. You can easily purchase 1 task credit for it on the link here, after which you can submit your task to our developers following the instructions here.

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