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FAQ about Shop Pay Installments on PDP and cart pages

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Possibilities with Shop Pay Installments modifications to the banner

1) Can I change the banner content?

At this time, changing the banner content is not possible.

As per the Shop Pay Installment’s eligibility and limitations, Shop Pay Installments is only relevant for prices in USD and an order needs to be between $50 and $3000 USD. This means, that when a product is below $50 or above $3000, the banner should display “Pay in 4 payments for orders between $50 - $3000”. When a product is between $50 and $3000, the banner should update the price according to the product price divided by 4.

The banner loads dynamically and may be updated by Shopify over time to help you improve conversion, stay compliant with any regulation, and deliver the most user-friendly experience possible for your customers. The snippet is designed so that when updates are made, you get the latest features without any additional development effort.

2) Can I change the position of the banner?

It is highly recommended not to change the position of the banner and to keep it right below the price or below the “add to cart” button in case the price is located within the button.

When you place the banner under the list price, you let buyers know they have the option to pay for their purchase using installments before they begin the checkout process. The placement of the banner under the list price can lead to an increase in the conversion rate.

3) What kind of style changes are possible?

It is possible to do a basic text manipulation: color, size, line height, font-weight, and style.

4) Is it possible to add the banner to the quick view modal?

The banner works only if it’s placed inside the product form, and it might work with certain quick view implementations, however, in most cases, a quick view content is loaded dynamically, and it is not compatible with the Shop Pay Installments banner.

5) Does the banner work with subscription-based products?

Shop Pay Installments does not support subscription-based products. To help reduce confusion when customers are looking at a product that is sold as both subscription and non-subscription, it is recommended that the Shop Pay Installments message be hidden when a customer selects the subscription option.

6) Does the banner work with currencies other than USD?

No, the store must be from the United States and selling in USD in order for the Shop Pay Installments banner to work.

7) Does the banner work with headless commerce?

At this moment, the Shopify Pay Installments banner is not compatible with headless commerce since it can be added only as a liquid tag.

8) I don’t like how the banner looks, is it possible to create a custom banner?

It is highly recommended to use the banner generated by Shopify, as it is regularly being tested and updated in order to get a higher conversion rate. If you’re still interested in creating a custom banner, please send us a description and a mockup of the new banner through this contact form and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

9) Is this integration possible with 3rd party page builders?

Regretfully, page builder apps are not supported at this time (GemPages, Zipify, Shogun, PageFly, etc.).

10) Is this integration possible with the cart drawer?

Implementing the banner on the cart drawer is possible for a fee of $170, and you can get in touch with our sales team by submitting the form on the link here requesting an invoice for this implementation.

Please note that some cart drawers are not compatible with the SPI banner and they would require a new cart drawer implementation, which we can evaluate separately.

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