Improving store speed for a store on Shopify can be a challenge for any store owner. There are many factors which can influence your store speed and it’s always best to first get a detailed report from an expert who will do a detailed overview of your store’s performance.

Our experts can investigate your website load time in detail, and conduct a speed optimization research analysis task in which they will present you with:

  • Speed test results for the homepage, product page, collection page, and cart page.

  • Actionable feedback points on what to improve and how.

This type of task is recommended before doing any speed optimization changes on your store, as it will direct you not only to the best practices in maintaining your store's speed, but also in preventing any changes that will break your store. This is so you don’t make any changes which may affect your store’s code and inadvertently change a part of the code which would best be left as it is. Not only will our experts provide you with a speed optimization analysis, they’ll also provide you with further details on how to ensure your store is always running smoothly.

Sometimes it turns out that necessary changes can be easily done by the store owner, and sometimes it turns out that we can jump in to make a couple of changes to improve your speed score. After providing you with the analysis, we’ll also provide you with further pricing for any tasks we can do to improve your speed score.

The speed optimization analysis is considered one small task that you can easily purchase on the page here. After you make a purchase for this task, we'll submit it for you to our development queue. You can expect our experts to get back to you within 2 business days.

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