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How we work with theme developers

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Our theme directory will eventually be the number one place on the internet to research Shopify themes, compare features, and read through contextual reviews.

We don’t sell themes, we direct readers to Shopify’s theme marketplace, Themeforest, or developer websites where the purchase can be made. In its first version, it has a more detailed customer review form allowing for more contextual reviews when compared to more typical star rating and a single open text field for a reviewer.

It’s also meant to be a new marketing channel for theme developers. Over time, we will provide more access to content and features, for more control of the theme listing. The reviews are screened for clarity, accuracy, and veracity. Theme developers can appeal any review based on its truthfulness. We don’t edit reviews but we will honour removal requests should the review not be factual, or not constructive and aligned with our platform objectives and values. Honesty, accuracy, and constructive reviews that help other merchants and experts make better decisions. Our aim is for these reviews to generate interest, sales inquiries and provide valuable feedback to theme developers.

There’s no fee for theme developers to have a live listing, and should any theme developer want to remove their theme listings from the directory, we will honour the request.

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