Yes, we can install the most recent version of your theme. However, this is a fresh install and will replace your current theme.

When a designer updates a theme in the Theme Store, those changes are not and can not be automatically added to your theme. Once installed to your store and changes are made to your theme files (tweaks, small tasks, development, app installations, etc), your theme essentially becomes an "updated" version that is now different from the one distributed by the original designer.

Downloading the designer's updated version will replace your custom updated version.

What does this mean?

If you had customized your theme and want to update it, all of those tweaks and customizations that you had done will get lost and you will have to redo the work on your updated theme. It also refers to apps that you had previously added to your store. Ideally, you should update your theme first and customize it after.

We do not offer extensive theme transfer services. If you would like some features or functionalities to be moved over to your new theme, each one would need to be submitted to our team individually and all the details and instructions included for development, as per the description of a normal task submission. This must be done, whether a task was previously completed by Carson or not.

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