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What happens next after the purchase?
What happens next after the purchase?
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Immediately after, you will receive a Welcome email with clear instructions covering 3 basic steps before we can get started:

Step 1 - Create your dashboard account

You will receive an email prompting you to create your dashboard account. All you need to do is create a password for the account and you're set!

Step 2 - Accept our collaborator request

Shortly after your dashboard account is created, you will receive an email that will prompt you to accept or refuse our collaborator request. Please accept the request, giving us access to your store for development work.

If you cannot find the email asking to add us as a collaborator, you can use this as a reference.

Step 3 - Submit your first project

Submit your first project request from within our dashboard. To avoid delays in getting it done, please take note of the following:

  • Be clear and brief (descriptions with screenshots would be a great help)

  • We ask you to not modify any of your code, theme files or theme options after submitting a project. This can cause delays or even loss of data.

We will ALWAYS actively copy your live theme before doing any work for security reasons.

Once you've submitted the project, just wait for the developer to reach out to you (the notification will be emailed to you directly) on the stated first delivery date of your project. Not sure how to check this? Please advise the article Where can I see the first delivery of my project?

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