1-month Guarantee on completed projects

I’ve been having issues with my site since you worked on my project. Will you fix it?

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After the work on your project is done, we ask you to check and confirm that everything works well. Even if we don’t ask it directly, we expect that your confirmation that the project has been completed implies it has been verified by you.

If something goes wrong after our work has been finished and accepted, this may or may not be caused by the work we did. Sometimes problems can arise due to other developer's or person's involvement with your website. We can still help you with the fixes, but we will need to determine the cause before we can proceed.

It’s easy to understand if the problem was caused by us or some external intervention by looking at the code. If the code is intact and something does not work, we will fix it at no additional expense within 30 days from the date it was completed. If the code has been edited, which the developer who worked on the project can easily tell, you’ll have to purchase another project to fix the issue.

We also strongly advise our customers not to modify any of the code or theme files after submitting a project on our help desk, to avoid version control problems, and even data loss.

You are eligible to reopen a project once within the first 30 days after its completion.

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