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Suggestions for possible improvements

Can you suggest possible improvements for my website?

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We have a team of talented designers who can help with changing how your store looks to be more appealing to customers. In this regard, we'd like to introduce our UX (User Interface) store review.

In this UX store review, we'll create an action plan for your store improvements and work on building an impeccable user experience for your store.

  • Standard functionality store review

    Here you would receive up to 15 suggestions for functionality implementations that we find most valuable to improve the current store and potentially boost their conversions. This option includes the website's main pages (Home, Collection page, Product page), navigation, and footer section).

  • In-depth functionality store review

    Here we would assess the general website structure, and provide up to 30 or more valuable suggestions and recommendations to improve the site.

To get information about cost and turnaround time of the store review project (standard or in-depth), reach out to us via live chat or e-mail us at [email protected].

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