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How can I publish the modified theme?
How can I publish the modified theme?
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After each work, our developer will provide you with the name and details of where the implementation was made including a preview of the unpublished theme. Please keep in mind that the theme needs to be published so you could see the changes live in your store.

Can I publish the latest theme you worked on (if there are multiple projects previously completed?)

Before publishing the theme we worked on for you, it's worth noting that if you've made any changes to your live theme, those changes will not reflect on the duplicated theme our team worked on. Our developers would first duplicate the current live theme and make the changes in the duplicated theme. After each completed project, they would make a new theme, so the new changes would be made in a copy of a copied theme.

This is why we highly recommend avoiding making any changes until our developers complete the project, and we also recommend publishing the modified duplicate theme after each completed project.

Where should I see the changes you did to my theme?

You can simply ask the developer in the project to publish the theme for you, or you can do this on your own, by following these simple steps:

1. STEP 1

Log into the backend of your store on the link here and click on Online Store on the left sidebar of the screen. There you will find the section Themes, as shown on the screenshot, which you need to click on:

2. STEP 2

Find the duplicate theme developers named within the latest project and click on Actions. Usually, this will be the last modified theme and shown first on the list of all themes.

3. STEP 3

Click on Publish and your modified theme will be live on your store. This means that the current live theme you have on your store will be replaced with this modified theme. The previous theme will remain, it will not be deleted, in case you ever need to publish it again.

If you're not comfortable doing this, you can always reach out to us via e-mail or live chat, and one of our available agents will share the preview link with you.

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