Why do you need store access?
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In order to work on your store, we need access to it. We always ask for full store access, however, the choice as to which section you'd give us access for is on you completely. In most cases, access to the Themes sections should be enough, however, developers may ask you to extend permissions since it highly depends on the project itself.

When we send you a store access request, you will receive it in the form of an email. From there, you need to click on View Request to check which information we will have access to and approve the request. Use the Edit link in the top-right corner of the page when reviewing the request we sent, in order to limit permissions to your store, if you are not comfortable with granting us full store access.

You can adjust the permissions later on through the Account settings to allow us for more access, if this is deemed necessary by our developers.

To adjust permissions, head to Settings > Users and Permissions > scroll to Collaborators > find HeyCarson and click on it > scroll down to Permissions and select Products and scroll all the way down to Save.

For approving the access, you can also log in to the backend of your store, go to Settings, then Accounts (or Users and Permissions), and approve HeyCarson eCommerce.

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