Some of the most common reasons behind a slow website are extra large images (including complex file format), code density, text graphics, lots of traffic, too many file requests and too many plugins. While this is a popular request we often get from our customers, increasing the website loading speed would require some troubleshooting and testing, which fall outside the scope of our 1-hour small task service.

If you'd like to know where to start from, we suggest testing your website by using Pingdom website speed test. This test not only gives precise results for Shopify stores but also suggestions and guidelines on where to start.

Here are some tips you might find helpful in improving your website loading time:

In case you need further assistance with this issue, we suggest reaching out to our partners at Storetasker. Here you'd be able to hire an independent developer to help you out with troubleshooting and tweaking your website in order to achieve the desired loading speed.

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