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Duplicating the homepage
Duplicating the homepage

Duplicating the homepage so you can use its layout for all other pages

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One of the limitations of the Shopify platform is that it is not possible to recreate the homepage functionality on other pages (adding and rearranging sections from within the editor).

However, we can offer to create custom page templates that would contain the sections you would like to use. This would be a more static solution, meaning that you could not rearrange them, only edit the content. Basically, we are able to create a page with multiple sections, and add an option to choose a position for each one of them. To provide you with an estimate of what we can do exactly, you can reach out to us via chat or email to [email protected].

For example, if you'd like to use the homepage template for your product pages, you'd need to edit the homepage template (which is the index.liquid file for most themes) so that your specific product would show up at all. What you'd need to do is create a new page template with the formatting of the index.liquid page and then edit it so that it includes your product details. You would then need to create a new page under online store > pages, style it based on your preferences, and change the template over to your new page template.

Please keep in mind this wouldn't be completely straightforward. You'd need to edit it so that it either redirects to your actual product page when a button is clicked or so that it only pulls in the correct product based on some conditions.

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