One part of what we can offer are small tasks. We consider a task to be small if it takes us less than 1 hour to complete.

The best way to know if your request falls within the scope of our service is to email us at [email protected] or reach us at live chat and advise with our customer success team!

We would need a detailed description of what you are trying to accomplish, as well any examples, screenshot or mockups would be appreciated to pre-evaluate your request most accurately.

For small tasks, the final assessment is always done by our developers once you purchase credit and submit your task to them, as they can take a look at your theme files and be sure what can and cannot be done.

If you are unsure if your task is something that we can fix, we came up with a list for you. Here are the commonly requested theme customizations and small jobs:

  • Activate/remove Shopify theme functionality or design presets
  • Graphic and image edits
  • CSS & Styling issues/changes
  • Menu adjustments
  • Basic app integrations
  • Email popup integrations (Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Sumome, + more)
  • Type font and size changes
  • Spacing, padding and alignment corrections
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Facebook audience pixel install.

The best and fastest way to assess your task is to purchase a single task credit. By then, we can approve or disapprove it firmly. If we can't get it done then you can use the credit you purchased for another small task that you might have, or we can issue a refund. 

Read more about our pricing options on the link here, and check our refund policy on the link here.

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