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How to add Carson as a staff member to access your Shopify store
How to add Carson as a staff member to access your Shopify store
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In order to work on your store we need to have access to your Shopify store. For this, Shopify has created a user level called ''Staff Member'' which provides access to partners/developers to make changes for you. We don't have access to financial info, or any admin rights when given this access. It's made specifically for developers/designers and marketers on staff or contracted to help you with your store. You can then set the permissions you give. Please keep in mind that some projects require high-level access and we will ask you for these permissions if necessary.

If you are familiar with your Shopify dashboard, simple follow these instructions:

To add a new staff member:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings:

  2. Click Account:

  3. In the Staff members section, click Add a staff member.

  4. Enter a first name, last name, and email address for the new staff member. In our case, use first name: Hey -  last name: Carson and [email protected]

  5. Click Send invite.

  6. Check the Staff Members list to make sure that [email protected] has been added; Otherwise attempt to add us again starting at Step 3.

For beginners or visual types, use this how to from Shopify:

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