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Get to know more about our Ambassador program.
Get to know more about our Ambassador program.

Our ambassador program is calibrated based on our extensive experience partnering up with theme companies, app developers and agencies.

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What you'll get:

  • a reliable place to send your theme or app users, or your clients as an agency, to find full support for a wide range of Shopify tasks, from small tweaks to custom quotes on larger projects

  • access to the largest Shopify Facebook community, to share your company's updates and offers, increase exposure in front of a relevant audience, and build new meaningful connections on the Shopify ecosystem

  • attractive commission for every referral you send to HeyCarson

What can help to make our collaboration more effective:

  • documentation or training materials for your theme or app, to share with our internal development team

  • examples of the most frequent requests you receive from your clients, that you need help with

  • a feedback-oriented approach, which we consider essential to building strong partnerships

We look forward to building a robust collaboration with you. Join our ambassador program by clicking the button below.

Feel free to shoot any questions you might have to [email protected]

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