Our program is not only aimed at gathering small Shopify task leads in exchange for commissions — it's calibrated and built on years of our own experience partnering up with app developers, theme companies and agencies, in order to develop new relationships and grow together.

We offer:

  • A reliable place to send your app and theme users, or your audience as an agency, for small tasks support.
  • Access to our audience, CarsonDash, and our customer base
  • Co-marketing opportunities — content exchange and access to the largest Shopify community on Facebook, for your company updates & announcements
  • Get paid $20 for single task customer referrals and $20 per month for subscription referrals

We’re looking for:

  • Small tasks requests from your audience. See our task catalog for a sample of what we consider small tasks.
  • Most frequent small task ideas from your user base whom we can help, as we aim to relieve your support team.
  • Help with content for our Facebook group, from other community-focused Shopify partners.
  • Access to documentation and/or training on your app/theme, for our internal development team. 
  • A feedback-oriented approach, which we consider essential to building strong partnerships.

Start building a robust and mutually-enriching partnership right away, by simply joining our Ambassador program by clicking on the button below!

Feel free to send any questions you might have about the Carson partner program to [email protected] :)

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