If you have already made an account on the CarsonDash, you won't be able to purchase a task from the Pricing page on the website. However, after you log in to your CarsonDash account, you will be able to purchase a single task, or an Elite plan from the Pricing page directly from your account.

You can simply click on the + sign button in the upper right corner, or select Pricing from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner next to your account name. Please take a look at the screenshots below.

This will open the Pricing page where you’d be able to select Purchase a Small Task, and proceed to the checkout.

Once you put all the details on the Checkout page, you can insert a coupon code, click on Apply (step 1), and then Complete the order (step 2).

To see how to purchase an Elite plan from your account, please check the article on the link here

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