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When you submit a project to our development/design queue with no prior payment, the status of the project will be In queue. If the payment was made, the status of the project will be Active.

Once a developer replies, the status will be set to Pending response - this means that the assigned developer is awaiting your response.

When a developer makes the requested changes on the duplicate theme of your current live theme, they would send you a response with a preview link, so you can preview and verify the changes. The project status will be set to Pending response.

Once you preview and verify the changes, you can reply to the developer if you would like them to publish the changes, and after their response, you can mark the project as completed. Once you mark it as completed, the project could be found in the Completed section on the left side menu.

Please note that if you mark the project as completed immediately, developers will not receive your response, as the project would no longer be active in the queue.

If you submit the project and decide to cancel it before any changes are made, you can click on Cancel project, and the status will show as Cancelled. The project could then be found under the Archived section on the left side menu. 

Please note that once you cancel the project, you won't be able to submit the same project again, however, you can copy/paste the project details in a new project.

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