When a developer makes the requested changes on the task, they would send you a response with a preview link of the duplicate theme they made the changes on. Once you preview and verify the changes, you can ask them to publish the theme, or you can follow the steps on how to publish a theme on the article here.  

Please note that if you mark the task as completed immediately, developers would not receive your response where you are asking them to publish the theme, as the task would no longer be active in the queue. Therefore, please wait on their confirmation that the theme has been published, and you can then mark the task as completed.

When you click on Mark as Completed on the upper right button, you will see a pop-up.  

You will be asked to rate the task, and you can then click on the I agree, Task is Completed button.

Please note that if you agree to complete a task, you agree that you have reviewed and verified the changes that were made on the task. We offer one month guarantee on all completed tasks in case you notice any issues later, however, it is important that you thoroughly preview the changes before completing the task.

After the task is completed, it will be moved to the Completed tasks section on your account, on the left side menu under My Tasks.

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