We offer PRO Monthly subscription plan, for $249 per month. With this plan, you would get 5 task credits that you would be able to use for 5 small tasks, and with the subscription plan, the turnaround time for the first response/delivery of a task is the next business day.

In case you would need more than 5 tasks within a month, we offer the option to purchase additional task credits at a special rate of $39/task, while you are subscribed to the plan.

The system is automatically renewing the plans on each renewal date, and on the next renewal date, you would receive another 5 task credits. If you haven't used all the credits in the previous month, the remaining credits would roll over to the next month. 

You can cancel the plan at any time before the next renewal date, free of charge, simply by reaching out to us and we would schedule the cancellation. However, keep in mind that:

  • Once you cancel the monthly renewal, if you have any unused task credits at the end of the planning cycle, they would expire upon cancellation.

  • If you have purchased additional task credits for $39, they would remain on your account and you would be able to use them after the plan is canceled.

  • If you would like to pause your plan, we offer a PRO dormant plan, please check more details about it in the article below.

Please note, the plan is limited to one store only. You would be able to purchase one subscription per one store, however, if you have multiple stores, we suggest checking our credit bundles here, as they can be used for any store on your account.

Our system allows having only one active task per store at a time, so you would be submitting the tasks one by one. One task needs to be marked as completed before you submit the next task to the development queue. However, you can prepare a task in advance by creating up to 10 drafts and submit them easily one by one, when you complete the currently active task.

And for your peace of mind, you can check out the 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee here.

If you have any further questions about our PRO plan offer, please reach out to our customer success team on live chat or via email at [email protected]. :)

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