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How to submit a task from my Queued list?
How to submit a task from my Queued list?
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When you submit a task request through our Website form, we will send you an email with details about your request and if it seem to fall within the scope of our small task service. After we pre-assess your request as doable by our team, when you log in to your account, you will see that the task status is still Pending Assessment.

Please note that this means that we can only pre-assess your requests, and developers would be able to give you the final assessment once the task is submitted.

You will be able to purchase the task credit on the pricing page on the link here, and after the purchase you will have the option to submit the task to the development/design queue.

Before submitting the task, you can click on the task name to view it, and Edit the task description if you would like to add any details. When you edit the details, please click on Save Changes button.

Please note that saving it would not submit it to the development queue. In the Active task section, under Queued list, you will be able to click on Submit button next to the task name, that will submit it to the development/design queue.

This will move the task to the Active status, and you will hear from a developer latest on the date stated on the task. 

To learn more about the turnaround times, please check the article below.

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