A task credit is a proof in our system that you have purchased a task on our Pricing Page or from your Carson Dashboard account.

1 task credit equals 1 task and cannot be used more than once.

When you purchase a task, you receive a task credit on your account automatically. Once the task credit is on your account, you can submit the task to our design or development queue.

The task credit is necessary to submit the task to our queue and once you submit the task, it is taken off your account automatically. You can see the amount of task credits you have on the "Available credits" section of your Carson Dashboard account.

There are two different types of task credits and they differ based on how long you can use them.

  1. FLEX task credits - they don't expire and you can use them whenever you like.
  2. Credits purchased with the PRO subscription plan - they expire once you cancel the subscription.

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