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Checklist before you submit a project
Checklist before you submit a project

Everything you should include in your project description to make sure the team is informed about the implementation you'd like them to add.

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Make sure you've given us store access and it's active when the project is due for delivery. Check out the articles below for a better understanding of how to approve the access we've sent after the payment confirmation.


  1. Describe - Be very clear with your project, add a clear title and a definitive description. Do not leave room for interpretation. It may take an extra minute or 2 but it's worth it and will help prevent additional delays during busier periods.

  2. Visual presentation - Include any supporting visual material, such as screenshots, screen recordings that will help our team understand better what you're trying to accomplish.

Adding screenshots will almost always speed up the processing time for your ticket. We suggest using apps like Lightshot, Gyazo, or Awesome Screenshot. Check out the article below for useful links.

3. Theme - Our developers would make a duplicate theme of the current live theme, and make the requested changes on the duplicate, so you can preview and verify them before publishing. If you would prefer to have the changes on some other theme that you have, please specify which theme exactly would you like them to duplicate and work on.


When you're satisfied with the description of your request, you can now submit a project to be worked on by our team. Once you've submitted the project, just wait for the developer to reach out to you (the notification will be emailed to you directly) on the stated first delivery date of your project.

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