1. Developing functionality from scratch

Creating a Quick View from scratch is a very complex and long development process, thus we're not able to cover it for you under our service offer.

However, we can set expectations for you instead so you know how long this may take.

Usually, Quick View functionality is quoted for 4 separate parts:

  • Quick View - functionality (this part only can take more than 4h depending on the theme files complexity)
  • Quick View - layout and structure
  • Quick View - styling
  • Quick View - mobile responsiveness

So, you can expect to receive a quote of 4-8 hours for basic functionality.

Additionally, when you're reaching out to developers for a quote, we'd highly suggest thinking about what you'd like to have in your Quick View as this may change the price drastically. For example, some of the popular features would be:

  • Image zoom
  • Linked options
  • Swatches
  • Update variant when a user clicks on a thumbnail
  • Show image currently selected color
  • anything else you'd like to see on your quick view.

All of these functionalities would be at least 1h per functionality to the base quote. So, it's highly suggested to prepare them in advance and send them to the developer with your request.

Our suggestion would be reaching out to Storetasker on the link below and get started right away.


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