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Do you modify existing Shopify apps?

We are able to set up Shopify apps properly on your store under a custom quote.
Customization of the app highly depends on the app itself and we recommend reaching out to the app developers before submitting the project to our development queue in order to find out if certain functionality is available for customization as it will save you a lot of time.

Do you guys handle problems resulting from conflicting apps?

As a general rule, we do not handle conflicting app troubleshooting (one app causing problems for another), as the third-party apps may be incompatible with one another or too complex for us to fix within the scope of our service.

Can you create a mobile app for my store?

Regretfully, no. We cannot help you in building an app from scratch for your store.

However, in the interest of helping you find a solution please feel free to reach out to OmniShop a company that specializes in this area.

Here is a short list of the benefits of having a mobile app connected to your webshop:

  1. Increase your sales

  2. Keep loyal shoppers

  3. Strengthen your brand

  4. Open a new channel for your customers

  5. Understand your customers

  6. ... and many more.

OmniShop can offer you an app specifically designed for your brand, with a beautiful user experience and you don't need to hire a developer.

Finding the best apps

You can easily search for the best apps on the market for the Shopify platform by clicking the link here. Just click on search in the upper right-hand corner to find the app that would suit your needs.

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